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Training Philosophy

Rebecca’s training philosophies are built on a foundation of motivation, trust and respect. Rebecca utilizes both classical and operant conditioning and takes a holistic approach when working with every dog. With extensive experience studying and working hands-on with hundreds of dogs, she understands that no two dogs are the same and therefore each training program is designed specifically around each individual dog.

Rebecca maximizes positive reinforcement to teach new behaviors and increase desired behaviors. Through the use of food reward, toy/play motivation and praise, Rebecca can bring out the best in each dog’s behavior by increasing their desire to learn.

Rebecca also has the ability to stop dangerous or unwanted behaviors in dogs. She believes it’s important to make sure dogs understand both a positive marker (“Yes”) and a negative marker (“No”). A variety of tools and techniques can be used to eliminate dangerous or unwanted behaviors, and not only can Rebecca do this herself, but she is able to transfer those skills to her clients.

Rebecca has an eclectic background in dog training, having worked with shelter and rescue dogs, working and sport dogs, family pet dogs, and service dogs. She uses a variety of collars, leashes, clickers, treats, toys, long lines, and muzzles (for aggressive dogs). She also uses less tangible tools such as her own “energy” and body language to influence a dog’s behavior.

Rebecca also utilizes modern remote collar training. Modern remote collar training is one of the most effective, reliable, humane, and transformational training tools for off-leash communication. Rebecca uses low-level, communication-focused remote collar training. Through proper remote collar conditioning, dog's develop a positive association with the remote collar, and they can safely enjoy off-leash activities. 

Many dog trainers have experience training dogs, but one of the most important aspects of being a successful dog trainer is having the ability to instruct and educate dog owners. Rebecca has over fifteen years teaching experience with a teaching style that is client-focused, helping dog owners feel confident in providing leadership in their dog’s life. Through effective, consistent communication, owners will feel calm and in control when working with their dog(s).