“Rebecca is AWESOME! She clearly knows her trade and is a very skilled and patient trainer. My husband and I were a little hesitant at first with the idea of sending our pup to training, thinking we could do it on our own. However, with our busy schedules, we had difficulty instilling the foundation Winnie needed.


We first had a 20-minute phone consult before signing up for services and from that, I instantly felt comfortable and trusted Rebecca. We sent our 4 month old puppy, Winnie, to her 10 day Puppy Board and Train program. We were having difficulty potty-training Winnie and teaching her basic commands. When we picked Winnie up, we were blown away by how much improved our pup was. Winnie would sit or lay down on her own and not "break" until she was released. Rebecca knows how to instill a strong foundation in the dogs she works with to make the transition at home a smoother process. 


She is also a great communicator, constantly sending updates via social media or text message throughout the training process, as well as checking in even after the completion of the program. I highly recommend Rebecca and will be bringing any future pups we have to her!! Simply the best.”


-Dina Bastawros 

“Our puppy "Zeke" is a sweet dog who gets lots and lots of love. What we didn't know before we met Rebecca with Love in the Lead, was that Zeke was suffering from a significant case of separation anxiety, and that we were feeding into the issue. We were referred to Rebecca from a friend and after speaking with her on the phone, we decided to spend the money, and do the 3 week board and train class for Zeke.


This has been the absolute best decision we have ever made for Zeke. Prior to Zeke going to Love in the Lead, he would pace back and forth, would not go into his crate and be calm - (or sleep), he would whine and cry if "Dad" went somewhere - even if "Mom" was still with him (making it very difficult to do anything). After Zeke went through Love in the Lead's Board and Train program, he has made huge improvements. He sleeps in his crate at night and actually loves it, he can be walked off leash, has a solid recall, and is just an all around more confident and obedient dog. Thank you so much Mrs. Rebecca!!”


-Dan Waltman 

“I cannot say enough about Rebecca and her work with my lab, Olive. Following her two week board and train program, I had a new dog. Previously, I could barely walk her on the leash without her pulling me down, and I could not have people over or meet people out because Olive would get so excited she would jump and be basically out of control. She had no impulse control and was not able to be redirected by me. Today I can "loose leash" walk Olive and it is so enjoyable!  I have also taken her to work with me (as a therapy dog) where she has faced numerous distractions, and she was calm and able to spend time with my co-workers and clients in a relaxed demeanor. I could not have done this without Rebecca and her training. I would highly recommend her without reservation. She communicates throughout the process and is readily available for questions and follow up training. I could not be happier, and I think Olive is as well!”


-Allison Todd 

“Our goldendoodle, Rafa, is 18 months old and recently completed the 2-week board and train program with Rebecca.  For background, Rafa has completed other training and even has his Canine Good Citizen but he would still react with jumping when meeting some dogs on trails, digging in backyard, eating sticks and refusing to come when called.  He was otherwise a wonderful dog, but we were getting nowhere with our attempts to correct these behaviors. We talked to Rebecca and she said he had no or low impulse control and was not being held accountable. We felt she had hit the nail on the head!  We asked for a reference (doing our due diligence) and talked to a recent client who had a dog with similar issues. She was most enthusiastic, and we signed up.


Watching videos of Rafa as he went through training was exciting and we saw progress daily. He was happy and so good!  Rafa has now been home for one week and we have been thrilled with the results. We are practicing our timing with the remote and getting our routines changed.  Rafa seems to know what is expected better than we do! But we are getting there - with Rebecca’s continued help which has also been much appreciated.


We recommend Rebecca and Love in the Lead. She  is a wonderful communicator who talks with you not at you, listens patiently and does not rush anything.  She is professional while being warm and friendly. Rebecca is a gifted trainer with an approach and methodology which we needed as Rafa left puppyhood and became an adolescent.  We give Rebecca 5 Stars in every category.”


-Laura & Bill Hamelau 

“When choosing a puppy for our family of 5, we knew we wanted him not only to be well-mannered but also an all around balanced dog. With 3 small children having a professionally-trained pup was a must. At just 7 months old, Archie is now the best-behaved member of our house! He is calm and loving and playful at the appropriate times, and is such a sweet addition to our family. None of this would have been possible without Rebecca and her training. We met with a few other trainers before finding her, and the difference was night and day. She is incredible! We are so thankful to have found her and recommend her to anyone we talk to. She goes above and beyond.. THE best.”


-Holly Taylor 

“My dog Otis just completed a 2 week board and train and I could not be happier. Otis is 130+ pound dog who is super sweet but knew how to use his weight. He was good in the house but it was getting more difficult in taking him out on walks as he would get excited as people walked by and leash reactive to other dogs. It was not enjoyable taking him out and having to worry about who or what we will run into so I did not take him out much. Now we can walk and pass people, dogs and even squirrels without him lunging and pulling me.


Rebecca is such a knowledgeable, caring trainer. She was also patient and caring when training me! She tailors her training to the dog making sure they feel safe and confident. Otis loved her! He is not much of a tail wagger but when he sees her his tail is wagging like crazy. I also enjoyed the many video updates and emails that were sent while he was there. Otis is still his sweet goofy self but is confident on our outings and is a joy to walk with now. My neighbors now comment how well behaved he is when we pass them. Thanks Rebecca and everyone at Love in The Lead Canine Training.”


-Kelly Patterson

“Rebecca has been a real game changer for Gilhooley, our 20-month old goldendoodle. He is a wonderful and sweet dog, but had almost no impulse control in real-life situations, despite completing puppy lessons and 2 board & train programs. On walks, he pulled on his leash, picked up anything and everything he saw on the ground, and (worst of all) reacted to nearly every dog we passed by lunging, barking and growling. We had reached the point of dreading walks and worrying that we would not be able to control him. His behavior in the house was equally frustrating and included jumping, nipping, counter surfing, and not coming when called. We had been using 2 gates in an attempt to control him and reduce some of the stress caused by his behavior.

We contacted Rebecca after Gilhooley's brother Rafa completed her 2-week board & train program with great results. After an initial phone consultation with Rebecca, we realized that most of his behavior issues probably stemmed from anxiety, insecurity, and not being held accountable for his actions. We understood the important role of positive reinforcement from his previous training, but Rebecca explained the importance of Gilhooley understanding a negative marker as well. That seemed to be the missing piece of the puzzle.


Rebecca communicated with us frequently and effectively while she was working with Gilhooley. And the videos she posted nearly every day kept us informed about his progress and also provided tips for handling him when he came home. The "Go Home" session with Rebecca was also extremely helpful, since we were a little nervous about being able to continue enforcing his good behavior. As Rebecca explained, many of his unwanted behaviors simply went away naturally, once his anxiety was reduced and we had an additional communication tool with the e-collar and remote.


Gilhooley has now been home for a week and has been a much calmer and happier dog around the house. The stress level has been greatly reduced, and we have not used the gates at all, relying instead on our ability to direct his behavior verbally. And the once-dreaded walks have become a fun time to bond with Gilhooley. We are still working on our signals and timing, but he has successfully passed other dogs with no reactivity at all the vast majority of the time. Rebecca offers much more follow-up than we had with other training programs, and we're looking forward to working with her during 2 more sessions as we fine-tune our handling of Gilhooley. We highly recommend Rebecca and Love in the Lead!”


-Gloria Trotter 

“After losing both our dogs within 6 months of each other, we decided to rescue.  HARRY came bouncing to our world with very little obedience commands , struggled with focusing on walks and would run with NO recall.  On recommendation from Barks and Blooms we called Rebecca. After talking with her then a visit to her facility, we decided to enroll HARRY in her three week program.  I wanted to be able to take Harry as a therapy dog to hospitals and children school programs.

Rebecca came through with flying colors!  We are just amazed as to how professional and true to the animal she is.  I am so excited to work with Rebecca on certifying HARRY for a future in Therapy Work.”


-Victoria Brunetta 

Rebecca is the best! I rescued Honey, a pit-mix, in October 2019. She pulled on the leash, never listened to commands, and would jump on anyone and everyone. I decided to get her trained by the best in Feb 2020 so that I could actually enjoy walking with her and not get frustrated when she didn't listen. Now, Honey walks right by my left leg, obeys to "sit", "down", "place" and "heal". She does not jump on people and is way more calm. So thankful for her training. Honey is just the sweetest as ever!


-Steph Perez 

Rebecca and her team are wonderful! We weren't sure what to expect, as our dog had never had obedience training before going into the 4-week board and train program. He was aggressive toward all other dogs, very reactive, and would be non-responsive as soon as he fixated on something. We were worried if he would respond to training at all, but WOW were we surprised! He came back much more confident, with a focus on us rather than everything in the environment. He has been doing wonderfully since! We can finally enjoy walking him-even off leash in some situations! He's a much happier, balanced dog than before, and we can finally enjoy taking him wiht us out in public again!


-William Wheeler


Life changing - truly. We sent our 3 year old boxer mix rescue, wild-man, Charlie, to Love in the Lead for a three week board and train program. Charlie was reactive to strangers and other dogs, a professional counter surfer and pantry raider, and would pull so hard on the leash walking him was unbearable - just to name a few things. We couldn't trust him around people or food so he had to be in his kennel often. Now?! He is calm, confident, obedient and polite. Friends and family who knew him before can not believe the transformation. Not only is our life less frustrating, but Charlie now gets to go on many walks, can be with us when we are eating or have guests over, has much more freedom and gets to go most places with us.
When I spoke to Rebecca about her program her philosophy and process was logical and compassionate - it made sense and felt right with us. She has spent a good amount of time training us as a family so we are all consistent and can keep Charlie on track. Rebecca is a true professional and is experienced and knowledgeable. I couldn't be more thankful to her and that we made this investment - it was worth every penny.

-Mellie McArdle


We are extremely pleased with Rebecca and Megan. We have an Aussiedoodle named Drizzy and he is intelligent, but also very impulsive. When I first got my pup I had been looking up different training programs all around Charlotte. I read multiple reviews, met with trainers and owners from different programs, but I always loved Rebecca's program. I followed her instagram for a while before committing. I knew I wanted to send Drizzy to training. He knew his basic commands, but struggled with duration because he was so impulsive and excited. He was also smart where he chose when to listen and he was not consistent. He struggled with being obedient around distractions (people, other dogs, squirrels) he would want to run and go up to everything. I could not walk him on the leash without him pulling the entire time. I had a phone consultation with Rebecca and explained all of this to her. She was very honest, understanding, and responsive.

We did the 2-week boarding program when Drizzy turned 12 months, and WOW did she amaze me. I followed Drizzy's progress closely on her social media, which I loved. She is very transparent about where the dogs are in their training so you can see them improve! She sends updates via email as well, which was nice. Drizzy returned to me still the loving, playful pup he had always been, but much more focused and obedient. He is able to walk in a perfect Heel both on and OFF leash, he will sit/stay or down/stay in distracted environments, and has an amazing recall where I feel comfortable letting him roam off leash to play. He is much calmer and knows how to control his excitement and impulses. I can take him to the park to workout with me and he is manageable where he is not running up to every person, dog or bird he sees. I am shocked and happy as I can take him anywhere now and I am not worried about him misbehaving. She uses the E collar, which is more a muscle stimulation and not a shock. She takes the time to teach the dogs properly, which I did a ton of reading on before sending Drizzy if you are worried about this.

During the entire course of Drizzy's training Rebecca was responsive. She replied in a timely manner. She was professional. I can tell Drizzy adored her. She had us visit half-way through so that she could teach us what Drizzy had been learning. She even took the time out to spend time in our home and around our neighborhood at the end of the session to go over training plus a 2 week follow up session.

I highly recommend Rebecca and Megan. Out of the many training programs in Charlotte (I did a ton of reviewing) I would always choose to go with Rebecca. I already have fellow coworkers signed up after they saw how focused, confident, and obedient Drizzy was after his training :)

-Alyssa Thomas