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"I had the very blessed opportunity to meet Rebecca in 2013 when she began working with the RuffCity Dog Walking team. As a fellow avid life long equestrian and dog girl myself, I could tell right off the bat that Rebecca was the real deal when it comes to understanding animal behavior. 

After seeing her handle some of the our most difficult pup clients with finesse, I decided to hand off to her our biggest problem dog, Charlie the German Shepherd, to see if she could work some magic with him. Charlie was the sweetest and most goofy boy with all humans and was a walker favorite inside the home, but once outside he was almost unmanageable with his dog reactivity. An altercation as a puppy in the dog park combined with a nervous owner, left Charlie in a tough spot.


Enter Rebecca, a dog whisper extrordinaire. After a few sessions working with Charlie on his overall behavior and dog reactivity, Rebecca was successfully able to take him on and off-leash around a plethora of other dogs. I was so surprised by his quick transformation that I asked Rebecca to video Charlie, and sure enough he was trotting around happy and relaxed in a very busy part of Central Park. I was shocked and amazed!

Since that time, Rebecca has taken on several of our other problem dogs, including a pitbull named Benji that had been pulled from the NYC ACC by a very sweet, but unprepared woman who found herself in over her head with an overly protective, territorially aggresive dog. 

Rebecca immediatly realized that this particular dog needed more guidance than his new owner would be able to provide, so Benji was enrolled in Rebecca's board & train aggression rehabilitation program. The results were amazing and Benji was able to be reunited with his owner after intensive behavioral rehab. 

I truely cannot recommend Rebecca and her dog training services highly enough. She understands dog psychology and the importance of structure in a dog's life. You'd be doing your dog (and yourself) a huge favor by using her training services. 

Thank you for all you do, Rebecca!"

-Stacia A., RuffCity Dog Walking (NYC)

"We found Rebecca through a fellow rescue/shelter in Brooklyn, NY. I was looking for someone to help evaluate incoming rescues and also help with challenging behavior cases. Rebecca offered discounts on some of her services and helped many dogs prepare for adoption. Whether it was some obedience training, general house behavior training, leash walking or addressing serious behavior issues like reactivity to anxiety, Rebecca was always able to make huge improvements in all of the dogs. Some dogs were able to be adopted when other trainers deemded them "unadoptable" or "untrainable". We were sad to hear the news that Rebecca was leaving New York to pursue working with guide dogs, but we are fortunate to have learned so much from her!"


 -Catherine M. Shelter Adoptions         Coordinator. Brooklyn, NY

"Our pitbull Bella started to show some excitment and anxious behavior around dogs, especially on leash. We thought it was excitment at first but then Bella lunged out aggresively at a passing dog on leash. My boyfriend and I worked with another local trainer and it seemed to help some, but only if we had treats on us to distract her from the nearby dogs. We couldnt get close to any dogs without her exploding, even with the food. 

Rebecca came for an in-home evaluation of Bella. She was honest with us regarding Bella's dangerous behavior and recommended she enroll in a board & train program to help address her leash reactivity. 

Bella came back from training in a much different state of mind. Rebecca explained in great detail, how to properly use rewards and corrections in training so that we are very clear with our expectations of Bella. That, along with tons of structure in the home, and we had a completely different dog! It was a lot of work, and we had to be consistent with Bella's training, but now we can enjoy our family walks together."

 -Meghan & Anthony F. (New York City)

"Rebecca is truly amazing at what she does! She helped me with Coco, my out of control chocolate lab who are destructive in the home and who was also a handful to walk. Living in downtown Manhattan isn't an easy environment for a normal dog, let alone for my anxious and high energy lab! 

I enrolled Coco in Rebecca's two week board & train program to focus on obedience, leash walking skills, house behavior and help with his overall anxious behavior. 

The results were amazing and Rebecca sent me updates along with photos and videos throughout Coco's training. I felt like I knew what my dog was doing the entire time, plus Rebecca offered private lessons after the training program to make sure I was able to maintain and continue Coco's training. 

I highly recommend Rebecca, she made a huge difference in my relationship with Coco and he is a much calmer, happier dog."

-Sharron W. (New York CIty)

"I adopted Lola from a friend who recently had a baby and was unable to manage the baby and the dog. Lola is a young bulldog mix and I needed some assistance with her resource guarding, general house behavior, barking and pulling on leash. 

I sent Lola to Rebecca for a three week board and train program. Rebecca sent me photos, videos and emailed updates on Lola's progress. Since I enjoy hiking and backpacking and often travel outside the city to enjoy nature, I wanted Lola to be reliable off-leash. I decided to have her off-leash trained as well, but had no idea about e-collar training. 

Rebecca sent me videos, articles and recommended a book to read while Lola was in training so that I could be caught up on e-collar training and how to utilize an e-collar for Lola. At the end of the program I felt prepared for Rebecca's instruction and was able to implement the training that was necessary to keep Lola in check. 

Her resource guarding was quite serious and although I watched videos online and did my own research before hiring Rebecca, I was still unable to make any progress with Lola. 

Watching Rebecca train was quite a pleasure. She has a real calmness about her, something I know I needed to work on for myself! No matter what was happening, her calm and confident energy helped Lola and I work through our issues. 

It was well worth the time, energy and investment. I have a calm, well behaved dog that is respectful and obedient without having to sacrifice the dog's happy-go-lucky personality."

 -Jennifer G. (New York City)

" I worked with Rebecca to certify my young lab mix for therapy work. Rebecca has experience training service dogs and raising puppies for service work. I wanted to get my Daisy certified to help in a local nursing home. I started out attending Rebecca's group puppy class at Pawticulars pet boutique on Capitol Hill, but eventually wanted private lessons. 

I worked with Rebecca on public access training and she helped me proof my dog's obedience and behavior in areas with more distractions. I was having trouble getting Daisy to hold commands around distractions. Rebecca is a wonderful trainer that understands the need for balance in dog training. I was able to make great progress in only a few lessons. Daisy now does therapy work and is CGC certified!"

 -Barb Z. (Washington D.C.)

"Jack came to me from a local rescue, and I knew he would need some basic training. What I didnt know was that he was deathly afraid of men, including my husband. I worked with another local trainer before finding Rebecca, and unfortunately Jack's fear wasnt getting any better. He was so afraid that he wouldn't take food reward and was also struggling with walking on the leash. I found Rebecca through a friend of mine and she came highly recommended. 

Rebecca came in to evaluate Jack and although she did witness "Jack's" fear around my husband, she really wanted to discuss how we were living with and interacting with Jack throughout the day. Rebecca emphasized the importance of having structure in a dog's life and even though Jack was afraid, she was able to help us work through his fears with routine and structure, while also addressing his behavior outside on leash. 

We saw definitive progress in Jack and Rebecca used many confidence building exercises with him, while showing us how our energy and expectations influence his behavior.

After several private sessions, we were beginning to have some great breakthroughs with Jack and my husband was finally able to interact with him and take him for walks around the neighborhood" 

Rebecca is truly a gifted dog trainer, but she was also a wonderful, supportive coach when my husband and I needed it the most."

 -Amy T. (New York City)

"After three weeks of intensive training, Rebecca was able to transform our dog's behavior and also helped bridge the gap in our communication. Her teaching style is supportive and direct. She didnt make my wife and I feel ashamed or embarrassed by our dogs behavior (which we had exerperienced with two other trainers prior). I highly recommend working with Rebecca, her experience shows!"

 -Jeff & Teresa W. (New York CIty)

"Rebecca is such a patient trainer and teacher. I learned how to be calm and patient when working with my dog Maximus. He pulled horribly on leash and would also obbsessively bark through the fence at anyone that went by. He also would get into things in the house including the trash. He hated the crate which made it difficult to ever leave him alone. 

I sent Maxiumus to Rebecca for a three week board & train program. I couldnt be more impressed with the experience, Rebecca is professional, curtious and experienced. I would recommend her to anyone looking for some help with their dog."

 -Josh H. (New York City)

"I cannot say how wonderful Rebecca's training was for my puppy Clover. I enrolled Clover into Rebecca's 2-week puppy boot camp and it was incredibly helpful to jump start Clover's training. 

I work full time and had always wanted to get a puppy. I heard about Rebecca through a friend who had attended her puppy classes on Capitol Hill. I knew that working full time and taking care of a puppy was going to be a challenge, but Rebecca really helped transition Clover into my lifestyle. 

Rebecca trained Clover in all her basic obedience commands, introduced leash walking, crate training and house breaking. She also addressed the common problem puppy behaviors. 

I am so thankful I hired Rebecca to help start Clover and I off on the right paw!"

 -Bethany Y. (Washington, D.C.)