Puppy Training

For puppies up to 6 months of age

Puppy Training Consultation

This one-time, 60-90 minute consultation is designed for new puppy owners. This is available both in-person at our facility, or virtually (Zoom). We are available to answer all your puppy related questions and we will review topics such as:


  • Housebreaking

  • Crate training

  • Feeding, watering, and relieving schedules

  • Basic obedience commands

  • Introduction to leash walking

  • Proper socialization

  • Addressing common puppy behaviors (nipping, jumping, barking, whining) 


PRICE: $150 

Puppy Board & Train Program

This is a unique program that is designed to offer extensive training and support throughout the critical period of your dog's development. Raising a puppy can be a challenging task, but it's vitally important for puppies to receive adequate amounts of training and socialization during their early stages of life, so we are here to help!


This is a 2-part program that starts with a 10 day puppy board and train program. Puppies are eligible for the first program between 14-23 weeks of age. The second part of this program is a 2 week advanced on/off-leash obedience board and train program which is done once the puppy is 6+ months of age. 


The 10 Day Program includes:

  • Digital puppy raising/training packet 

  • Puppy training style collar and training long line 

  • Virtual consultation, one small group lesson and one private lesson

  • Access to our boarding services

What we cover during the 10 Day Program:

  • Engagement and focus 

  • Play development 

  • Confidence building

  • Crate training

  • Housebreaking

  • Loose leash walking 

  • Introduction to recall training

  • Sit/Stay 

  • Down/Stay

  • Place command

  • Proper socialization and enrichment 

  • Body handling (cleaning ears, nail trimming, grooming, etc)

  • Addressing unwanted puppy behaviors (nipping, jumping, inappropriate chewing, barking, whining, etc.)

What you will learn during the 10 Day Program:

  • Proper communication with your puppy 

  • Proper use of rewards for good behavior 

  • Proper play development 

  • How to properly address common puppy behaviors

  • How to provide structure and guidance to your puppy

  • Lifestyle training habits to continue your puppy's good behavior and obedience 

  • How to properly provide continued socialization for your puppy

At 6+ months of age your puppy will return for the second phase of the program:

The 2 Week Advanced Obedience Program Includes:

  • Digital training and informational packet

  • Brand new Remote/E-Collar 

  • Virtual consultation and three private lessons 

  • Access to our free monthly Pack Walks

  • Access to our boarding services 

What we cover during the 2 Week Advanced Obedience Program:

The second phase of this program is designed to build upon the foundational training that the puppy received during the 10 day program. Your dog will learn how to focus around intense distractions and we include extensive training in new environments to build your dog's confidence, continue socialization, and advance their focus and obedience. Your dog will be on and off-leash trained, meaning they are fully trained on a remote/e-collar so that you can communicate with them more efficiently both the home and in outdoor environments. This program gives owners the ability to include their dog in more fulfilling activities while also learning how to properly address any unwanted behaviors should they occur. 

Payment Policy: Once accepted for the board & train program you will receive a PayPal invoice for 50% of the program cost. This acts as a deposit to hold your puppy's spot for training. A final invoice along with a training contract will be sent a week before your puppy's scheduled arrival for training. 



PRICE: $3,500


Started Puppy Program

Love in the Lead provides initial puppy training for puppies 8 weeks to 10 weeks of age. After you select your puppy, Love in the Lead will raise, train, and socialize your puppy during a very critical period in their development. 


4 Week Program:


Your puppy can start its puppy program with Love in the Lead anytime between 8-10 weeks of age. We will care for your puppy for 4 weeks before they are transferred back to you and your family. 


What you can expect after 4 weeks with Love in the Lead: 


House Manners:

  • Crated 8-9 hours at night without accidents

  • Able to hold between potty breaks for 3 hours in the crate during the day

  • Will relieve on command “go potty” both on and off-leash 

  • Will calmly relax in their crate with minimal whining/barking

  • Rarely chews something inappropriate while someone is present

  • Minimal nipping and jumping 

  • Stair Trained– will be able to go up and down stairs at a reasonable pace


Obedience Training:

  • ‘Sit’- (Low distraction, short duration)

  • ‘Down’ – (Low distraction, short duration)

  • ‘Place’– will go to a bed/cot and stay for 30 seconds 

  • ‘Come’- voice command from a distance of 30 feet

  • ‘Yes’-Understands a reward marker

  • ‘No'-Responds to a verbal mistake marker

  • Leash/Collar Training-will accept and harness/collar and walk short distances on a leash



  • Accustomed to individuals and children of various ages

  • Accustomed to being handled by a veterinarian and health professionals

  • Accustomed to being handled by a groomer

  • Accustomed to interacting with healthy, adult dogs

  • Exposure to other animals (cats, horses, small pets, etc). 

  • Familiar with television noise, sounds of household appliances, music, sounds of traffic, and blow dryers.

  • Exposure to riding in a vehicle, both in a travel crate and with a dog seatbelt. 



  • Worming will be done monthly

  • Vaccinations will be kept up to date

  • Daily brushing

  • Baths, nail trimmings, ear cleanings are done weekly

  • Healthy diet based on your preference 


Owner Support:

  • You will receive weekly photos of your puppy during their program and we will also keep you updated on their progress via detailed weekly email updates.

  • You will also receive a video of your puppy at the end of their program demonstrating their training. 

  • You will also receive our extensive puppy training packet with a detailed outline of your puppy’s schedule, in addition to tips/recommendations that are specific to your puppy. 

  • When you pick up your puppy, we will practice hands on with their training so that you feel confident on how to communicate with your new puppy.

  • We include a follow up visit with this program which can be scheduled whenever needed. 

  • After the 4 week program, your puppy can also return to us for more advanced puppy training at 4-5 months of age (once they are fully vaccinated). We offer a 10 Day puppy board and train program which would offer additional obedience training and socialization. 

Price: $2,800

*does not include the cost of veterinary/medical care or food.

What the price does include:

  • The training and care of your puppy

  • Photos, training video, owner training, and follow up support

  • Transportation to/from veterinary or grooming appointments

  •  Puppy training collar and training long line



"I can't recommend Rebecca and her team at Love in the Lead more! Our goldendoodle Nelly went to puppy training and then completed 2-week off leash training by 8 months of age. She learned so much!!! After puppy training, Nelly was completely potty trained and learned simple commands such as sit, down, place and proper leash walking. She even got exposure to puppy play groups and indoor/outdoor public places. She came home the same happy Nelly but much more polite and well behaved. That said, the real transformation has been after the off - leash two week training program. She learned how to extend her place duration, channel her excitement/anxiety to have a more calm demeaner, love her crate and be completely off leash e-collar trained and respond to all commands and ignore distractions! Nelly has always been a bit skittish in indoor public places and crate resistant and the progress has been remarkable. I truly can't say enough amazing things about Rebecca and her team. They care for each dog like it's their own and are invested in their success. I suspect Nelly will join another training to continue to improve her confidence. Don't hesitate to send your pup to Rebecca!!"

- Jennifer Koniuk