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Love in the Lead Canine Training, LLC is a boutique dog training company specializing in puppy training, advanced off-leash obedience, behavior modification and service dog training. Our unique board and train programs are designed to create a balanced, happy and obedient dog. 


Our training focuses on preparing dogs for the “real world” and all of our board and trian programs include daily training trips off-property. Dogs are exposed to a variety of environments which helps create reliable obedience responses around high levels of distraction. Dogs train in places such as the USNWC, Lowe’s/Home Depot, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, Freedom Park, Uptown and local greenway trail systems. 


One of the most important aspects of a board and train program is the owner training. We are a client-focused dog training company that sets owners and their dogs up for success. After the dogs are fully trained, owners and their families receive extensive private one-on-one lessons. These lessons are designed to ensure that owners feel confident and in control when working with their dogs. Our clients also receive FREE follow up support via phone and email for the life of the dog and we also offer FREE monthly group pack walks. Pack walks are designed to offer additional support, guidance and a fun atmosphere for training and dog socialization. Our clients also have access to boarding services, so whenever they go out of town they know that their dog will be in a safe, relaxing and familiar environment. 


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“ I am absolutely blown away! Rebecca is a miracle worker and a dog whisperer. She transformed my 10mon old labradoodle with a whole laundry list of problematic behaviors into a calm, attentive and balanced pup. I love that Rebecca prides herself on transparency, integrity and excellent communication. I watched her social media videos for months before contacting her to discuss how she could help my boy. I believe in her and most importantly I trust her to take care of my first puppy. She did not disappoint and did an outstanding job..not just with my own pup but with every pup and client that comes under her care. Thank you much Rebecca.”     


-Mel Blackwell 

Seeing is believing! 

We post daily videos and photos of all the dogs in training. Owners are able to watch their dogs during the board and train programs!

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