Frequently Asked Questions

What does my dog do all day during a board & train program?

Your dog will receive multiple training sessions throughout the day, plenty of off-leash play time, socialization with other dogs, and rest/relaxation time. Training is conducted both on and off property to proof obedience and behavior in a variety of environments. Your dog will also have opportunities to rest, either while working on duration with the 'Place' command or comfortably resting in a crate. All dogs are crated at night to ensure safety.

Will I get to see my dog during the board & train program?

Typically owner participation is not needed during a board & train program. Rebecca will determine if owner participation is appropriate or helpful for the dog(s).

Where will my dog stay duing training?

Every dog that is enrolled in a board & train program lives in Rebecca's home facility. Staying in a home environment helps prevent the stress and anxiety that can occur when dogs are kept in large, noisy tranining kennels.

Will I get updates on my dog during their board & train program?

Yes! You will receive weekly updates via email and daily videos and pictures are posted to Facebook & Instagram so you can see your dog during training. You may inquire via email with specific questions and we will do our best to answer them in a timely manner. We ask that you limit your inquiries, but you may contact us if it is an urgent matter. Your questions or inquiries will be addressed at the end of your dog's program during the owner transition phase. Please follow our social media accounts for the latest updates!

Do you use reward-based training?

Yes! All dogs are taught new behaviors using positive reinforcement (R+). We typically use the dog's daily amount of kibble for training rewards to help build motivation to work. Depending on the dog, we may use kibble, praise, toys/play, or high value food reward during the initial phases of training.

What tools do you use?

Part of being a well-rounded dog trainer is familiarizing yourself with as many tools and techniques as possible. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dog training so Rebecca and her team use a variety of tools and techniques in the training programs. Please visit the 'Training Philosophy' page on this website for more information about our training style.

Why do you train with remote collars/e-collars?

Yes. Modern remote collar training is one of the most effective, reliable, humane and transformational tools available for off-leash communication. It enables dog's to enjoy off-leash freedom while still giving owners control. When utilized properly, dog's view the remote collar as a positive device that is associated with enjoyable training exercises and off-leash fun! Please visit our Training Philosophy page for more info on remote collar training.

How do you train with remote collars/e-collars?

Please visit our Training Philosophy page for more information on remote/e-collar training.

Do you work with aggressive dogs?

Yes. Rebecca speciliazes in behavior modification and has experience working with both dog aggressive and human aggressive dogs. A variety of safety protocols are put in place with dog's that come to us for aggression rehabilitation. Aggression rehabilitation programs are complex and can differ depending on the dog, the owner's skill set, and training goals. Please contact us for more information.

Will my dog listen to me after the board & train program?

Yes! Board & train programs are a great way to jump start your dog's training since they are immersed in training 24/7 during the program. This enables the dog's to learn much faster and they can be proofed on their obedience and behavior in a variety of environments without owners having to dedicate hours of their day to training. After each board & train program, Rebecca works one-on-one with each owner, showing them how to maintain and continue their dog's training. Owners will also receive "homework" during their dog's board & train which helps facilitate proper communication with their dog during the owner transition phase.

What follow-up services do you provide after the board & train program?

We offer six to eight hours of private one-on-one instruction after each board & train program. Typically the first session occurs toward the end of the board & train program, the second session occurs at the end of the dog's program (go-home session), and additional follow up sessions occur over the next several weeks which insures a smooth transition for the dog and the owner(s). Additional support is always available for the remainder of the dog's life. Current and previous clients also receive access to our boarding services.

What payment methods do you take?

All payments are taken through PayPal. We will send you an invoice prior to your confirmed reservation.