Our Board & Train programs are designed to expedite the training process. These programs are intensive lifestyle immersion programs; your dog receives multiple training sessions throughout the day, plenty of off-leash play time and socialization with other dogs. Training is conducted both on and off-property, to proof obedience and behavior in a variety of environments. 


One of the most unique features of our program is the “real world” component of our training. We don't just train the dogs at our facility, we also take them out into the real world and expose them to a variety of environments. By training the dogs around high levels of distractions, we develop a level of obedience and confidence that surpasses other dog training programs. 


Another unique feature is our level of transparency. We show our work and post daily photos and videos of the dogs in training. We show the training process, the results and how we achieved those results. Owners can watch their dogs during their training with us and also receive detailed email updates during their dog's program. 


We are also a client-focused dog training company meaning we don't just train your dog, we train you! All of our board and train programs come with extensive owner training. Owners receive private lessons during and after their dog has completed training. Additional follow up lessons are also included in the program to ensure that owners feel confident and supported after their dog returns home from training. 


All of the dogs that participate in our board and train programs are trained with Remote/E-Collars. We achieve a high level of obedience around intense distractions and dogs are fully off-leash trained after completing our program. 


Why off-leash training?


There are many reasons to off-leash train your dog, safety being the most important! When our dogs are off-leash trained we are able to better communicate with them in our home, backyard, while on a walk, hiking, or during any other outdoor activity. When your dog is off-leash trained they can be given more freedom to enjoy “being a dog”. They can run around, smell, explore and enjoy other activities that wouldn’t be possible if they were always on-leash. For more information on Remote/E-Collar training please visit our Training Philosophy page. 

How to get started with a Board & Train Program:

Initial Consultation:   

Phone: FREE         In-Person: $75 

All Board and Train programs begin with an initial consultation. This can be done over the phone or if you prefer, you may visit our home facility, meet us in person and tour the property. During the consultation we will discuss your dog's behavior, previous training, your current lifestyle and your training goals and expectations.This is of course a great time to ask any questions you may have regarding the training process and training tools. To schedule your consultation, please fill out our training inquiry form and you will receive an email containing scheduling options.


4 or 6 Week Behavior Modification Program

This program is designed for dogs that are exhibiting intense behavioral problems including aggression, extreme fear/anxiety, extreme separation anxiety, extreme reactivity, or major resource guarding. The program includes everything that is covered in our three week advanced obedience program in addition to addressing the behavioral issues. We will discuss what program length is needed during the initial consultation. ​


Our goal for this program is to begin the rehabilitation process and to help owners create a more balanced and respectful relationship with their dog. Rehabilitation can look quite different for each dog and our goal is to find out what works best for each individual dog, create a long-term plan for success and support owners post training.  Rebecca has extensive experience in behavior modification and canine behavior rehabilitation, and has successfully rehabilitated many dogs that we deemed “untrainable” by other canine professionals. 


This program includes five private one-on-one training sessions. The first lesson is scheduled in the fourth week of training and is held at our property. The second lesson is your go-home session, where we bring your dog to your home and work with you and your family. The third lesson is typically scheduled within two weeks of the go-home session and can be in your home or somewhere with more distractions (local parks, greenways, whitewater center, etc). The fourth lesson is typically scheduled within one month of the go-home session and the fifth lesson can be scheduled whenever needed. Additional follow up lessons are always available if needed. 


​Payment Policy: Once accepted for the board and train program, you will receive a PayPal invoice for 50% of the program cost. This acts as a deposit to hold your dog's spot for training. A final invoice and training contract will be sent a week before your dog's scheduled arrival for training.  ​


PRICE:  4 WEEK- $3,800


           6 WEEK- $5,000

*This price INCLUDES a brand new e-collar ($200 dollar value!). During training, we will determine what type of e-collar is best for your dog. We only use the highest quality e-collars available on the market: E-Collar Technologies