Adult Dog Training

For dogs 6+ months of age

Three Week Board & Train Program

This is our most popular program! It’s designed to develop excellent obedience responses around high levels of distractions while also improving your dog’s overall behavior. Our training addresses the "state-of-mind" of the dog, so we aren't just teaching a series of commands, we are developing a healthier mindset in your dog. 

Your dog will learn: 

  • E-collar training for off-leash communication

  • Focus and obedience around distractions

  • Polite behavior in public

  • Thresholds (polite at the door, crate, in/out of a vehicle)

  • Guest entry manners (polite behavior when people visit your home)

  • Calm behavior in the car

  • Crate manners 

  • Polite behavior on leash 

  • Sit/Stay

  • Down/Stay

  • Place command

  • Break (release word)

  • Out command (dropping an object from their mouth)

  • Heeling properly on/off leash

  • Reliable recall (coming when called)


We will also address:

  • Crate issues

  • Minor separation anxiety

  • Jumping on people

  • Mouthing/Nipping 

  • House behavior challenges (barking, destructive behavior, housebreaking issues, etc)

  • Minor leash reactivity 

  • Hyperactivity or restless behavior 

  • Bolting through doorways

  • Fence fighting

  • Eating inappropriate items or destructive chewing 

  • Minor resource guarding 



You will learn:

  • Proper communication with your dog 

  • Proper use of rewards and corrections in training

  • How to provide structure and guidance to your dog

  • Lifestyle training habits to continue your dog’s good behavior and obedience 

  • How to stop dangerous or unwanted behavior (should they occur)


This program includes:

  • Training equipment (new e-collar & training collar)

  • Digital informational packet w/ instructional videos

  • Virtual training consultation

  • Two private lessons

  • Unlimited group classes

  • Access to Pack Walks 

PRICE:  $3,600

Four Week Behavior Modification Program

This program is designed for dogs that are exhibiting intense behavioral problems including aggression, extreme fear/anxiety, extreme separation anxiety, extreme reactivity, or major resource guarding. The program includes everything that is covered in our three week advanced obedience program in addition to addressing the behavioral issues. 


Our goal for this program is to begin the rehabilitation process and to help owners create a more balanced and respectful relationship with their dog. Rehabilitation can look quite different for each dog, and our goal is to find out what works best for each individual dog, create a long-term plan for success and support for owners post training.  Rebecca has extensive experience in behavior modification and canine behavior rehabilitation, and has successfully rehabilitated many dogs that were deemed “untrainable” by other canine professionals. 



This program includes:

  • Training equipment (New E-Collar & training collar)

  • Digital informational packet w/ instructional videos

  • Virtual training consultation

  • Two private lessons

  • Unlimited group classes

  • Access to Pack Walks 



PRICE:  $4,200

*​​If needed, additional weeks are $600 per week



"Our 10 month old Golden Retriever went to Love in the Lead for the 3 week board and train. She arrived to the training program with issues such as: counter surfing, eating inappropriate items (kids socks/toys/drywall/our deck/siding on the house to name a few...), and hyperactivity. We probably called 30 training programs, but something was different about Love in the Lead. We chose Love in the Lead because Rebecca answered every single question we had. She was transparent and it was clear she has a passion for not only dogs, but families. She immediately had a set plan in place for how to make sure our Golden Retriever could become a larger part of our busy family.

After training for three weeks, our dog no longer has the issues with counter surfing, she listens when told "no" in the event our children drop a toy right in front of her and she properly channels her energy. We can now take her everywhere we go and she has truly become a part of our family as she goes and does everything with us. We can not thank Rebecca and her team enough for helping us to foster the most amazing relationship with Piper. We are already planning 2021 trips and will only choose dog friendly places from now on, as Piper will now be a part of every family adventure we have. This was an investment that will truly last a lifetime."

- Meredith J.